Many have been uplifted and have felt nourished by their encounter with the Dr. Blair Spiritual Teaching Audios and some of these have asked, "How can I help?" in a variety of ways and contexts. If you are one of these, read on.

There are several phrases that link to this page, to answer this question in different ways. Usually those who want to help have their focus on something to ‘do’ in the way of external behavior. While ‘doing’ can be helpful and relevant, at times, our focus is much more on ‘being’ and ‘becoming’, and upon the internal.

These suggestions are offered from which to choose.

*Integrate these principles into your consciousness, your being.  Awareness will increase, focus will be sharper, inner satisfaction will be enhanced. This is The Most Important Way to Help.

* While these materials are copyrighted, they are intended to be shared. One might listen with a friend, or forward a copy to them (always include subscription information. Do not charge for it.)

* One might develop a Dr. Carlos Blair Study Group with like-minded people.

* Some might want to help us achieve our goal of world-wide distribution and become sort of an ‘AMBASSADOR, taking on the mission of ‘getting the word out’ by e-mail, word of mouth, etc.

* Worldly Needs and Wants

This project has been accomplished to this point with the help of individuals supplying their time, energy, expertise, and resources

 As we move forward with the next phases, and new projects, they will proceed slowly or rapidly, depending in part on input from others in various forms:

A. Professional re-mastering of the next batches of The Dr. Carlos Blair Spiritual Teaching Audios will either be donated or hired.

B. Transcription of the next batches will be professionally done as a donation or be hired.

C. Just as time, energy, expertise, and financial help brought these fine resources to you, some will chooose to add some of the same to the continuing mission of Raise the Level of the Pond.

Thank you for however you choose to participate.

Please remember the first suggestion at the top of this page. It is the most important.

Write to us.                                                         Click here to see the donation page