Raise the Level of the Pond is the distribution and publishing arm of Y-OUR Spirituality Center, Inc, a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Our focus is to provide material on the topics of understanding spiritual concepts, practical aspects of spirituality and spiritual improvements.   Our focus on understanding spiritual concepts is drawn from the scientific world, from experiencing, and from spiritual teachings, in order to bring integration into the process of mind and to promote a state in which the outer behaviors closely reflect inner processes. The approaches at times may seem familiar, but more often will appear to be opposite to that which you have been taught previously. All information given is simply and clearly applicable to everyday life, yet requires persistence, determination and focus. Spiritual improvement often requires adjusting the mind-set, which may impact behavior patterns, in order to remove barriers for spiritual growth.

In this current endeavor, THE WISDOM OF DR. CARLOS BLAIR Spiritual Teaching Audios, Raise the Level of the Pond has been engaged in the following functions:

    A. Transforming the original Dr. Carlos Blair recordings from tape cassettes to digital media;

    B. During this process, the original material has been re-mastered to improve sound quality, eliminate some gaps, and to remove some (but not all) noise.

    C. Since some learn better by reading, or by reading and listening together, these audios have been transcribed, and both audio and printed transcriptions are offered for the subscriber to download.

    D. An internet delivery system has been devised in order to keep costs low, reach potentially more of the audience that might be receptive to the concepts, and to provide a platform for expansion as more Dr. Carlos Blair Spiritual Teaching Audios are successfully re-mastered.


Our mission is:

Dedication to the distribution of media having unique Spiritual Principles content.

Our current passion is:

The world-wide distribution of these priceless Dr. Carlos Blair Spiritual Teaching Audios.


A not-for-profit organization, under the umbrella of Y-OUR SPIRITUALITY CENTER, Inc., a ministry without walls, and a 501 ( c )(3), funded entirely by tax deductible gifts and donations.