"And I say, good evening to you one and all."

                                                                           -Dr. Carlos Blair


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 This site features clearly defined spiritual principles given by spirit teacher Dr. Carlos Blair through the medium-ship of Rev. Dr. Robert Ireland during deep trance channeling.

The wisdom of Dr. Carlos Blair focuses on spiritual concepts which, when applied to daily life, will give you a better understanding of yourself and all that is around you. These priceless (pun intended) audios are now complete with transcripts, and are offered to help offset the vast amount of behavior-teaching the world generally offers as conventional wisdom. Dr. Blair preferred that these audios be offered to those interested in spiritual development, free of charge. You may click to View Audio's/Read Transcripts  

The Wisdom of Dr. Carlos Blair provides insight and clarification to the ideas, philosophies and ancient teachings of Western and Eastern teachers. These are ageless concepts, expansions of understandings, and corrections of misperceptions about ideals and principles we are faced with in our daily lives. These are not new ideas for the most part, but rather an expansion about ideals and principles that influence human behavior. Rather than religious in nature, these communications clarify spiritual thought, impacting practical day to day decision making. Each lecture provides information that reveals ever expanding insight into one's self and the perceived relationship to their circumstances, their associations, their world, and their very spiritual nature.                                              

 This is an exploration of "inner" space regardless of in whatever "outer" space you find yourself.

All audios have been digitally mastered through the efforts of Rev. Dr. Frederick J. Smith, founder of Y-OUR Spirituality Center and Raise the Level of the Pond. Each channeling was given before a live audience, recorded and eventually transcribed.   This first offering consists of 52 audios, including 5 guided meditations. We anticipate a second offering and possibly a third, if the remaining audios can be re-mastered sufficiently. 

These audios are offered exclusively through Raise the Level of the Pond and are encouraged to be shared and made available to friends and family, co-workers, and anyone else you see fit. Our goal is to achieve world-wide distribution. Since Dr. Carlos Blair spoke in English, and since his channel is no longer in the body, we presently will focus our delivery to English speaking populations. We rely on our Ambassadors in raising and spreading awareness of the availability of these spiritual-concept teaching tools. After becoming familiar with some of this material, you are invited to return to this page and to help Pave The Way Forward , or for suggestions in how you might help us Expand the Awareness. 

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